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EARN DEFI YIELD WITH YOUR CRYPTO Secure vaults with highest APY
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Bolide Team
What is Bolide?
Bolide is a next-generation decentralized yield aggregator that optimizes the deployment of its clients’ digital assets across multiple platforms, saving investors time and money and earning them market-leading yields. Users choose a Strategy and place assets on a smart contract. The smart contract then invested assets with the Algorithmic-based Strategy on lending and farming protocols, third-party DeFi projects. All rewards earned from third-party DeFi projects are converted into Bolide ($BLID) coins and paid to users. The project is designed and developed by an experienced team, that has been part of the DeFi world since it started. We are committed to the idea that Decentralized Finance is the New Black.

Cross-chain deposit
Cross-chain deposits allow users to transfer assets between different blockchains using bridges like Stargate, a decentralized cross-chain bridge.
Currently, USDT can be transferred between chains, and more will be added over time.

$BLID token
The $BLID token is an ERC20 native revenue-share & governance token All tokens are minted at the deployment process on the Ethereum blockchain. Bolide protocol is working on cross/multi-chain strategies and that is the reason why the $BLID token needs to work on different blockchains. As a result, a (ex-AnySwap) bridge is used.

Two thirds of the company’s tokens will be distributed for the project launch, in order to achieve the initial liquidity. The rest part of tokens are allocated for the same purpose and will be vested during the next 10 quarters.

Forty percent of total token-emission is distributed over several investment rounds.

During the early stages of the project, particularly around launch-time, the marketing and incentive-pull budgets will be higher. However, they are expected to reduce over time, post-launch.

Marketing and Incentives
Marketing and Incentives shares have quarterly based vesting. It will happen in accordance with the next schedule.

Seed token sale round has a 12 month lock-up period, and the vesting process will be finished within the next 8 quarters (24 months). Currently, the token sale calendar has preliminary defined dates and is available for review.

Automated DeFi yield aggregator
User deposit assets (ETH, BTC, USDC, USDT, BUSD, DAI) to the Bolide Vaults smart contracts. Then the Smart Contracts invest the assets with an algorithmic-based selection to lending and farming protocols. This step is called Strategies.

The flow looks like this:
1. Based on Strategy, Bolide invests your assets into different audited, high-liquidity DeFi projects.
2. Farmed tokens by Bolide are subsequently exchanged with $BLID tokens and credited to your account as a profit (%).
3. You can instantly withdraw your assets and all the profit earned at any time. No limits, no lock up period.

Bolide has introduced a new approach to simplify passive income.
Bolide started with a single strategy and soon realized that there are a list of strategies that Bolide can use to allow users to earn on their funds. After analyzing the market, It was found that most of the projects in the defi yield area create solutions for degens or experienced users.

That is why projects have several vaults with the same tokens but with different strategies. Bolide has created a multi-strategy vault project that allows users to deposit into one vault; this Vault has a number of strategies. If a user deposits into the vault, the smart contract will distribute the funds into a list of strategies to maximize yield.

Currently, Bolide has two strategies: Lend-borrow-farm and Lend-borrow-lend strategies, but we are working on a number of strategies that will be deployed within this year.

Deposit Flow
User: The user invests Stablecoins (USDT, USDC, DAI, BUSD) or ETH, BTC into Vaults.
Bolide: Funds in the Lending Platform (, Ola.Finance) are allocated, in order to secure initial users’ liquidity.
Bolide: User’s assets are put up as collateral
Bolide: Based on the algorithm, Bolide analyses and chooses pairs of tokens for farming on DEXes (BiSwap, PancakeSwap, ApeSwap)
Bolide: Bolide borrows chosen tokens
Bolide: Bolide creates liquidity pairs (LPs) on DEXes and deposits that PLs into Farming pools on DEXes.

Harvest flow (once a 4-6 hrs)
Bolide: Bolide harvests all rewards: Lending fees, DEXes farming fees, DEXes transaction fees
Bolide: Bolide buyback BLID tokens. Bolide swaps on DEXes all harvested rewards to $BLID
Bolide: Bolide distributes all the rewards to Users based on the amount of the user's deposit (if a user deposits assets after the last Harvest time, then Bolide uses the user's deposit time to calculate rewards).
User: Gained Bolide tokens ($BLID) are transferred to the user as profit from Strategies.
User: The next step is for the user to be able to deposit Bolide ($BLID) tokens and earn additional profit or sell Bolide ($BLID) at DEXes.
Automated Market Maker
Windows, macOS
Bolide Team
Beta 0.1
Bolide does not mint new tokens and we explain below why:

1. Token BLID was minted on Ethereum mainnet and function mint cant be called again according to the code:
function mint(address account, uint256 amount)
onlyOwner external
require(timestampCreated+1 days> block.timestamp,“Mint time was finished”);

2. We use Multichain/AnySwap to bridge BLID from the Ethereum mainnet to BNB Chain. So all minting on the BNB chain is regulated by Multichain, not the Bolide community.

Let's dive into the code:

mapping(address => bool) public isMinter;
address[] public minters;
modifier onlyAuth() {
require(isMinter[msg.sender], “AnyswapV4ERC20: FORBIDDEN”);
function mint(address to, uint256 amount) external onlyAuth returns (bool) {
_mint(to, amount);
return true;

function getAllMinters() external view returns (address[] memory) {
return minters;
It means only “minter” can call mint. If you call BLID.getAllMinters(), you will receive 0xabd380327fe66724ffda91a87c772fb8d00be488 - this is the only address who can mint.
The 0xabd380327fe66724ffda91a87c772fb8d00be488 address is AnyswapV4Router contract, not Bolide owner contract, it is owned by Multichain.

So only Anyswap bridge can mint BLID tokens, on BNB Chain only when the exact amount of BLID tokens are frozen on Ethereum mainnet
3. Here is a list of tokens that use Multichain to bridge tokens
ApeSwap (BANANA) (bridge to Poligon chain)
Beefy (BIFI) (bridge to Avalanche chain)
Deapcoin (DEP) (bridge to BNB chain)
Before using Bolide you will need:
To install and activate one of the wallets (Metamask, Wallet connect, Trustwallet).
In case you use Binance - open your account on Binance and connect with the MetaMask wallet.
If you use a chrome browser it is recommended to have only one active wallet extension because two or more of them might have a conflict. To check it in your Chrome Browser press the extensions button -> Manage extensions and make sure that only one wallet is activated (the one you want to connect to Bolide). You need to add the Binance chain to the wallet if it is not there yet. Here is a small instruction on how to do that.
Add stablecoins to your wallet: $USDT / $USDC / $DAI or $BUSD.
The process is super simple when all is set:
Go to Bolide official website
Press the 'Connect Wallet' button.

You chose the wallet that is activated in your browser. You will be asked to enter a password or activate with a QR code.
When the wallet is connected you can see the address of the wallet in the right top corner of the window.
4. Go to the 'Low risk' Strategy window and press the 'Deposit' button.
5. Choose one of the following stablecoins $USDT, $USDC, $DAI, and $BUSD from your deposit window and press the 'Approve' button.
6. Add the amount of stablecoins you want to deposit and press the 'Deposit' button.
7. The total amount + gas fees will be displayed. Press the 'Confirm' button.
8. Transaction successfully completed. Press the 'Close' button
9. Congratulations your deposit is now opened!
A blockchain bridge is a protocol linking two blockchains to allow them to interact. If you're a bitcoin owner but want a part of the DeFi crypto-action on the Ethereum network, a blockchain bridge does that for you without selling your bitcoin.
Choose any bridge you want and go to
Select your pair of chains.

3. Enter the asset value and click swap.

4. Confirm the transaction in your wallet

5. Transaction complete, tokens swapped.
A simple step-by-step guide to boosting your APY
​Step 1: Deposit your crypto assets in a Vault
​​Step 2: Choose the APY percentage you want.
For example, if you opt for a 1% increase on your BTC deposits at 7%, your total APY will now be 8%.
If you have enough BLID in your account balance, everything is straightforward - simply pick the percentage increase and click “Boost APY”
​Step 3: If you don’t have enough BLID - you can easily purchase it on all major DEXs.
After you have BLID in your wallet, you’ll see the same screen as in step 2.
​Step 4: And that’s it! Boosting is ON, and you’ll see your new APY % in your dashboard.
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