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Clash of Isles

Gather your troops and sail the seas. Choose a side and command an entire Royal Navy army or lead your Pirate crew to victory; the fate of your crew depends on your decision.
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What is Clash of Isles?
Clash of Isles is a free-to-play, play-to-earn, real-time multiplayer online strategy GameFi powered by Binance Smart Chain. You enlist in island battles with other players to explore the adventurous world and earn cryptocurrency in a play-to-earn manner.
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Clash of Isles is a free-to-play, play-to-earn, real-time multiplayer online strategy GameFi powered by Binance Smart Chain. You enlist in island battles with other players to explore the adventurous world and earn cryptocurrency in a play-to-earn manner.
Clash of Isles will incorporate a dual token model system ($COI & $RUM) and two non-monetary in-game resources (fish and timber). Players will are able to build their island base and recruit their troops using these resources.
With the evolution of GameFi and NFTs adoption, we are constantly thinking of ways on how to bridge the gap between Gamers and NFT Collectible Holders.
Clash of Isles is not just an ordinary GameFi as we will incorporate revolutionary NFT2.0 protocols and this will allow NFT holders from different projects across different chains to monetize their existing NFT collectibles. (Read more on this in our NFT2.0 section).
Experience Clash of Isles Metaverse concept where different GameFi and NFT projects come together as one.
'The metaverse is a hypothesized iteration of the Internet, supporting persistent online 3-D virtual environments through conventional personal computing, as well as virtual and augmented reality headsets.'
So in actual fact, 'metaverse' is hypothetically undefined as of today. Hence, we would like to share our adaptation of Metaverse.
Our frustration with the existing concept of Metaverse is that most GameFi and NFT projects that sells the concept of Metaverse is isolated on the project itself. Our vision for Metaverse is to bring different GameFi and NFT projects together as one where there are no barriers between different projects.
Imagine, walking around on 'Clash of Isles' island NFT with a 'Degen Ape' NFT character, wearing a 'Adidas' NFT shoe and having an 'Axie' NFT protecting you.
Captain Silverback; Strong, dignified, honorable, and caring. A true exemplary model for the younger generation as not only does he act as the pillar of justice, but also as the first line of defense for his people. Despite his abnormal strength to tear apart tree trunks with extreme ease; not a single one of his people fear him. In fact, his kindness allows him to properly control his power granted him the title “Magna Mitis” by his people, meaning big and gentle. Therefore he commands an enormous amount of respect from not only the natives, but also the neighboring islanders as well, keeping a balanced ecosystem within the archipelago.

With a familial heart, the island where he grew up is now under his wing, caring and loving for them, providing them the necessities out of his own pocket from his measly wages as the captain of the Royal Navy. Besides the small handful of his closest comrades, no one truly understands his sacrifices and the hardships that comes with it. They only see the occasional smirk that Silverback shows especially when children are involved. It is unknown whether the Royal Navy lacks the proper resources to assist one of their best captains or if they would rather not spend on a backwater island. To 'ape' into a coin or a doubloon, is to buy into a new idea. Thus, no matter what fate the Navy may decide for his home, Captain Silverback will always protect his homeland and his people until he draws his last breath.... especially from the pesky sharks.
Yes! Clash of Isles was developed with the intention of being a free-to-play game concept GameFi as the team wanted the game to be played by the mass market. We want to bridge the gap between traditional gamers and introduce them into the GameFi scene.

Players will be given randomized crews and a builder hut in Story Mode to start their journey. Once F2P players reach a certain milestone in Story Mode, they will unlock an in-game 'Default Captain'
which will allow them to participate in PVP battles in Island Battle game mode.
The age of the dry landers is coming to an end. “They know it, they fear it. Yet there is nothing they can do. When the time comes, they’ll realize that they’re fools!”. That is what The Captain used to say. Once a champion among the warriors of the Solany Isles, he deserted the pitiful gladiator lifestyle in search of something greater. The captain rules his crew with an iron-fist, and if they decide to desert him, he’ll drag the scallywags back, fill them with rum and set them on fire from the inside. A fish of true brutality and savagery, no animal would dare talk back to The Captain.

One who seeks for true freedom, the life of decentralization, he will stop at nothing to gain the riches of the world whether it be looting or pillaging, it doesn’t matter as long as it ends up in his pockets, bringing in like-minded creatures of sorts along with him on his violent voyage, whether they like it or not, his crew is always open for more creatures to torment. Eating monkey ribs for lunch or bunny ears as a snack, the captain lives the life of an apex predator, no soup can be made out of this shark. The captain of the seas has many names, but one particular name stuck on him, as not even the ocean dares incur his wrath, everyone knows that he is the true ruler of the seas which is why they call him, Captain Riptide...
With quick wits and a particularly high level of agility, Cottontail excels in every field during his training days in the academy. The fact that no other trainee could come close to his ability in both academics and physical tests, his already enormous ego is further inflated. With such competence, many of his peers envy him and his superiors place much pride on him, which may have led him to develop a sinister and conceited personality. Although he has the ability to quickly climb the ranks within the Galactic Federation, the salary he was getting while holding a position which leads a ship of trained space sailors, was nowhere near enough compared to the bribes he accepts on a regular basis.

With his cynical ability to convince and manipulate his crew, Cottontail eventually corrupted his shipmates either with his own set of bribes or blackmail, and proceeded to “dispose” of those that wouldn’t accept his ambitions of robbing the rich and enslaving the poor no matter the dirt that Cottontail held against them. Eventually, the Galactic Federation caught wind of his diabolical deeds and set out a warrant for his arrest, but with Cottontail's deep knowledge on the Federation’s tactics, evading their patrol squadrons was but a simple feat, until a certain captain caught their scent. While fleeing from the goody two-shoe dogs, his ship crashed onto an unknown primitive planet. Many may think this as an unfortunate incident, but Captain Cottontails sees an opportunity to seize the poor and extort the rich, “swapping” his situation around.
As a race of compassionate and determined creatures, Inu never gives up, even when the situation turns dire. The concept of fear and panic is something that has no effect on the canine and instead of worrying about the circumstances that can’t be changed, he would rather crack a joke to lighten up the mood. His innate ability to calm others’ hearts with his carefree yet confident stature is a special gift that only shows up in his breed once every hundred years, based on the words of his doula. The feeling of fulfillment he gains when assisting others overweighs his desire to climb the Galactic Federation’s ladder, the perfect quality to pair with his innate gift. Despite not having any ambition, the mass public supports him and stands strong on his side, even the Federation must acknowledge this. Thus, a crew of highly qualified space sailors are tasked under his command even though Inu himself may not feel qualified.

Captain Inu may not be as smart as his fellow combatants nor is he as strong, but his charisma and leadership will surely “lead them to many more great feats” which is what his team believes. To Inu, they are not just his underlings, they are his comrades, his brothers and sisters in arms and with this bond their teamwork is unparalleled. The captain may look soft and kind but his crewmates know, when it's time to dish out justice, Inu will be extremely fierce and exert an aura of bravery strong and fierce enough to even keep the cunning rabbit on its toes.
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