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Dojima Network

Organizing the unorganized WEB3 by bridging the gap and bringing the whole ecosystem onto one layer
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Dojima Team
What is Dojima Network?
Dojima Network is an advanced blockchain platform that aims to empower cross-chain interoperability and drive innovation in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space. With its cutting-edge technology and robust ecosystem, Dojima Network enables seamless asset transfers, efficient liquidity management, and secure smart contract capabilities across different blockchain networks. Dojima Network is at the forefront of driving cross-chain interoperability and fostering innovation in the DeFi space. With its cross-chain bridge technology, secure asset transfers, liquidity optimization, smart contract capabilities, and community governance, Dojima Network aims to create a robust and interconnected ecosystem that unlocks new possibilities for decentralized finance. By breaking down barriers and enabling seamless collaboration across blockchain networks, Dojima Network paves the way for the future of cross-chain DeFi innovation. Cross-Chain Interoperability Dojima Network leverages its innovative cross-chain bridge technology to enable interoperability between various blockchain networks. By bridging different chains, users can transfer and utilize assets seamlessly across multiple ecosystems. This interoperability enhances liquidity, expands the range of available assets, and eliminates the limitations of single-chain environments. Secure and Efficient Asset Transfers Dojima Network provides a secure and efficient infrastructure for asset transfers. Through its cross-chain bridge, users can safely transfer digital assets between different blockchain networks without compromising security or speed. This capability opens up new possibilities for decentralized exchanges, liquidity pools, and other DeFi applications that rely on seamless asset transfers.

Liquidity Optimization
Dojima Network addresses the liquidity fragmentation problem in decentralized finance by optimizing liquidity across various blockchain networks. By leveraging its cross-chain bridge, Dojima Network facilitates the aggregation of liquidity from different sources, increasing accessibility and reducing market fragmentation. This liquidity optimization enhances trading efficiency, minimizes slippage, and improves overall liquidity conditions for users.

Smart Contract Capabilities
Dojima Network supports smart contract functionality across multiple blockchain networks. By providing secure and reliable smart contract capabilities, Dojima Network enables the development and execution of decentralized applications (DApps) on various chains. This flexibility empowers developers to build innovative DeFi solutions, expanding the possibilities for decentralized finance across different ecosystems.

Community Governance and Collaboration
Dojima Network embraces community governance, giving token holders the opportunity to participate in decision-making processes. Through voting mechanisms, token holders can contribute to shaping the future of the network, proposing and implementing upgrades, and participating in protocol adjustments. This collaborative approach ensures that Dojima Network evolves based on the collective wisdom and interests of its community.

Scalable and High-Performance Architecture
Dojima Network is built on a scalable and high-performance architecture that can handle a large volume of transactions and smart contract executions. The platform employs advanced consensus algorithms and network optimizations to ensure fast and reliable transaction processing, making it suitable for high-demand applications and DeFi protocols.

Enhanced Privacy and Security
Privacy and security are paramount in the Dojima Network ecosystem. The platform implements advanced cryptographic techniques and privacy protocols to protect user data and ensure confidential transactions. Through secure multi-party computation and zero-knowledge proofs, Dojima Network provides a high level of privacy while maintaining transparency and trust.

Cross-Chain DeFi Applications
Dojima Network enables the development and deployment of cross-chain DeFi applications. Developers can leverage the platform's infrastructure to create innovative financial products, such as decentralized lending and borrowing protocols, automated market makers, yield farming platforms, and more. This allows users to access a wide range of DeFi services across different blockchain networks.

Seamless User Experience
Dojima Network is designed to provide a seamless user experience, focusing on simplicity and accessibility. The platform offers intuitive user interfaces, developer-friendly tools, and comprehensive documentation to facilitate the onboarding of both users and developers. By prioritizing user experience, Dojima Network aims to drive mainstream adoption of decentralized finance.

Strategic Partnerships and Collaborations
Dojima Network actively seeks strategic partnerships and collaborations within the blockchain and DeFi ecosystem. By partnering with other platforms, projects, and industry leaders, Dojima Network aims to foster interoperability, share resources, and drive innovation. These partnerships can include integration with other blockchain networks, cross-platform liquidity sharing, and joint initiatives for research and development.
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Dojima Team
-> Developers of Decentralised Application on a particular blockchain are limited by the tokens and Dapps in a particular and other dapps available in that particular blockchain.
-> Until now developers have never been able to access the full potential of all the blockchain platforms, i.e being able to access liquidity of tokens from all the blockchains and being able to interact with dapps from all other blockchains.
-> At Dojima Network we are trying to solve this problem, by providing developers a common ground where they could access liquidity from all other blockchains and interact with protocols from all other chains from this common ground.
-> Dojima network was founded by Me and Bhagath in 2020 when they were fed up with the problems faced in Web3. Bhagath and I were working on major ethereum protocols and during that 2019-2020 and faced problems with high gas fee and limitation to only access tokens on ethereum. Similarly, we observed every developer on every blockchain are limited by the ecosystem of that particular blockchain.
-> There is no provision for developers to access the best of all the blockchain platforms. This is when me and Bhagath decided to solve this problem and thus Dojima Network was born.Since inception the team is working to build a robust cross-chain platform to bring in liquidity, Dapps and Users to a common middle ground eliminating the need to use multiple wallets or multiple blockchains.
-> In 2021 we got incubated by Arweave Open Web Foundry and we became the finalists .Then we got funded by top VC’s in the crypto space.We then increased our team 5x 🔥We just launched our testnet.
-> Coming to the name of Dojima Network, Dojima is the name of World’s first Derivatives exchange in Japan in the 16th century. Dojima is derived from all the problems in the current web3 ecosystem
-> Dojima network opens door to a new world 🌎 of opportunities in the crypto space.Until now developers have been developing applications on top of standalone blockchain platforms with different architectures and coding languages....
-> Now with Dojima Network creating a middle ground platform between all the blockchains, developers can now develop cross-chain applications on top of this middle ground which is connected to all the blockchains. This makes the life of developers a breeze, by helping them overcome the burden of dealing with multiple architectures of different blockchain platforms.
-> Now they just need to develop an application once which would seamlessly be connected to all blockchain platforms.This opens up opportunities to build new cross-chain dapps and make existing dapps cross-chain compatible.
-> Along with the platform , Dojima network is also building a suite of tools for the cross-chain platform including but not limited to cross-chain wallet , FAAS , cross-chain dapp-store.
-> Dojima Network is a multi layer architecture.
-> It consists of 2 blockchains working together in a decentralised manner with all other blockchains to both fetch liquidity and act as a crosschain platform for developers to develop crosschain applications.
1. Hermes layer : built on top of Cosmos SDK and tendermint.
2. DojimaChain : Middle ground layer where developers can deploy applications and access hermes layer to get connected to all chains.
-> We developed a buffer layer on top cosmos sdk and tendermint which is connected to all major blockchains and maintains liquidity pools to hold liquidity of native tokens and other tokens of major blockchain platforms. The liquidity data will be signed by all validators at every end of the block and supplied to contracts on top of the middle ground dojima blockchain to be accessed by smartcontracts built by crosschain dapp developers.
Let me give you a few stats about Dojima Network before answering the above question,
-> Idea: We are working on a revolutionary platform to organise the Web3.
-> Team: We have grown our team 4x in the span of last 4 months. 🔥We are continuously acquiring good talent as per requirement.
-> Backing: We are backed by Industry leaders who are very well versed with the ecosystem and Tech.
-> Advisors: We have C-level executives of very big players in the crypto space as our advisors.
-> Product: We are building a robust cross-chain platform and a suite of tools to make the development and usage of the platform easier.
-> At dojima network we are trying to organise a great team to build a great product and to position ourselves as the best project in the blockchain world.
-> First and foremost lets starts with developers, at dojima network we have experienced developers and testers to cover the 99.999% cases with automation testing. From testnet release for few months to customers or dapp developers, we will be monitoring the stats, code bugs, trivial outputs for unexpected cases or edge cases.
-> We will be partnering with top talented 3rd party testers and auditing firms to get our code audited.
-> Our top most priority is security, so we will be starting bug bounty programs after testnet launch 🚀 and provide bug bounties for any bug reported by third party on thorough validation.
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