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The first DeFi protocol to secure lending by connecting yield farmers to actual farmers!
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Ethereum, Celo
EthicHub Team
What is EthicHub?
EthicHub is the first Regenerative Finance (ReFi) solution for the financially underserved: helping them secure lending for sustainable impact. Yield farmers back actual farmers with regenerative practices, connecting DeFi to the productive economy of the real world: a crowd-lending backed by crowd-collateral. By leveraging the power of blockchain technology and smart contracts, lenders from all over the world are able to invest in the productivity of unbanked smallholder farmers, providing them access to affordable capital with minimised risk loans, all enabled by EthicHub’s Compensation System. It provides a liquid collateral to the lender’s capital in the form of staking Ethix, its own token. Through EthicHub’s protocol, anyone can lend capital to the farmers and/or stake collateral on their behalf in the form of Ethix to secure the farmers’ loans. EthicHub also provides farmers with access to added value markets so they are no longer the weakest link in the supply chain.

Several stakeholders come into play when enabling unbanked farmers to receive loans at low-interest rates. The picture down below aims to provide a visual representation of the synergies between all stakeholders and their respective role in the ecosystem.

Farmers Smallholder farmers are the main beneficiaries of EthicHub’s ecosystem. The goal is to onboard as many farmers as possible to improve their living standard through their own productivity. To achieve this goal, EthicHub works with farmer communities to spread the risk involved when working with individual farmers.

Lenders are risk adverse investors who provide working capital by means of stablecoins to fund farmers’ loans and they are covered by the compensation system. First users were retail on a P2P model but we are moving to pool lending. This lending pool will mint tokenized NFT bonds (MiniMice bonds) to lenders with a fixed interest rate and term and with Ethix trust-less overcollaterization.

Stakers profile fits high risk investors who provide collateral in the form of Ethix to minimise the (perceived) risk associated with lending capital to smallholder farmers. Stakers can opt for different levels of risk depending on the chosen staking pool, so rewards (APY) varies. This will be explained in the Compensation System section.

An Auditor at EthicHub has to be an entity with a proven reputation (AgTech accelerator, NGO, Development agency, etc) in direct relation with actors working with smallholder farmers in developing countries. Their role is to refer and audit trustworthy loan Originators that are aligned with EthicHub’s mission and vision and comply with its onboarding requirements. To have skin in the game, Auditors have to stake Ethix as collateral on behalf of their referred Originators in exchange for a fee in each loan. These Ethix will be locked in a specific pool for each Originator. Initially the percentage of collateral to be staked by Auditors has been set as 20% of the amount to be borrowed by its referred Originator. In the future, EthixDAO will adjust this parameter. Initially, EthicHub’s founding team performs as the first Auditor. In the future, EthixDAO will curate and vote for Auditors.

Loan Originators
Anyone can lend at EthicHub platfortm, but borrowing is only by invitation. EthicHub tokenomics are based on Trusted Circles and Game Theory. High quality origination is EthicHub’s cornerstone. Loan Originators are in direct contact with smallholder farmers and are responsible for generating the projects for the lending platform. They are not financial intermediaries because a sustainable supply chain requires all its links to add value in order for the small farmers not being the weakest link. Originators are farmers’ service providers, and thus, an instrumental part of a sustainable supply chain. Their role is to provide EthicHub with high quality/high impact agro-projects in need of funding, mainly for production, processing and export purposes.They are responsible for selecting trustworthy farmers who will directly benefit from being part of the agro-project.
Yield Farming
Ethereum, Celo
Windows, macOS
EthicHub Team
EthicHub is crowdlending for investors and farmers. At the same time we have a marketplace for purchases from large coffee companies.

We connect farmers who do not have access to bank credits, with investors who seek greater profitability or want to generate social impact and we also close coffee purchase contracts from large companies. In this way, the repayment of the loans is guaranteed for the investor from the beginning, farmers can finance themselves at a lower cost while increasing their production, and large companies have their annual coffee purchases guaranteed.
It arises to provide two solutions, the first one: it is to minimize the high interest paid by unbanked farmers when repaying the loans and the second would be to give investors greater profitability, since currently standard financial plans would not give them more than one 2% return to investors. This means that farmers and investors benefit and also generates a social impact in coffee-producing communities.
We are a team with a lot of experience in coffee crops, great knowledge in blockchain and cryptocurrencies and we believe in social impact since it will be the way to distribute money more fairly and gain profitability for both farmers and investors.

We also have different advisors who are the ones that make the EthicHub philosophy and culture continue to expand in the countries.
EthicHub keeps the following % of each of the following transactions:

Our business model is a 4% fee on each loan (it is an additional cost for the farmer, and does not affect the profitability of the investor).

We also charge a commission on the sale of the harvested product, but this percentage does not decrease the profitability of the investor.
Projects are currently being financed for communities in Mexico with the idea of ​​expanding to other countries. For this, they will always be communities that need investment to be able to continue covering their agricultural production needs. We work for investors in all countries where this type of investment is accepted.

For investors: We work in all those countries where this type of investment is accepted (Except in the USA and Mexico)
Yes, EthicHub is a Crowdlending platform where you can select which projects you want to invest in, the amount and the payment method.

After paying the loans, you can claim the investment plus the interest generated through your user profile.
The difference is that we are not only looking for investments, but one of the objectives is to generate a social impact in the Communities that request the loans. This social impact is generated since the loans are with a lower interest for the farmer and that means that in the sale of his coffee he can obtain a higher margin. Another important point is that with our marketplace we close contracts with large companies and thus the repayment of the loans by the farmers is guaranteed.
The loans are so that farmers can develop their annual agricultural plans, which include pruning, clearing, treatment of plants, hiring labor, harvesting, storage, etc...
Our crowdlending is beneficial for both since on the farmers' side, it generates a social impact with very low interest payments and for investors it helps them to have an improved return on their invested money compared to other standard financial plans.
We have started creating loans for coffee farmers in Mexico as we have extensive on-the-ground knowledge of these types of crops and harvesting areas. This means that our knowledge and the local nodes with which we work guarantee the repayment of the loans.
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