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Farmers Community

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Farmers Community Team
What is Farmers Community?
Farmers Community is a blockchain game where anyone can have a own virtual piece of land to farm on, and meet with new friends to farm with. A fun online simulator for the relaxing game lovers to enjoy its whole and the P2E ecosystem build around it.

Unlike other farming simulator games where you buy expansions or decorative items, in Farmers Community you will own these assets and are always able to resell it to others at any given time.

It is not a just a game for blockchain players but it is a game that could introduce blockchain to millions of players, that have played these type of games from since they were a kid!

An open-world 3D Game with a stronge cartoon/cute visual identity based on positive images for most persons, where you can walk around on your own farm island OR anyone else's farm island and aid them with their tasks.

Whether you're hanging out with your farmer neighbors, harvesting crops by yourself, or holding a fishing competition on your farm with everyone your know - there is always something to do.

Farmers Community, a farming game developed to work on the blockchain is finally here. It's a relaxing, teamwork-based farming game where you own your farm and earn $FCT you can use to buy more assets for your farm OR convert into MATIC to earn.

The main feature of the game is that the lands do not have to be bought like other NFT (Non-fungible tokens) games, the game can be played completely free to earn. The way NFTs are used in this game, is to make your farm more attractive OR give yourself some upgrades to make farming easier. The game NFTs reside on the Polygon blockchain having low GAS fee's, when you buy a NFT, it's yours forever to keep or sell.

Unlike other farming game's everything you gain or buy is yours and you will own it. In the game you can place these objects and can give you some benefits making it easier to maintain your farm. Earning $FCT tokens (distributed to players every month) can be used to obtain/mint new NFTs from the shop. You can sell the bought NFTs (f.e. on OpenSea) or convert your $FCT into MATIC any time you like, and start earning with it.

Building a game where you do not have to own a piece of virtual land to earn money, but building a game where even a fun farming simulation game can earn you something extra while playing by utilizing blockchain technology.

With passion for game design for over years we thought it was time to make something utilizing blockchain / NFTs, getting investors in while we build the game in our free time to hopefully work fulltime on the project eventually. Our goal is to create a sustainable game that will have their funds from NFT sales and advertisements in the game on display objects for revenue that will be used as treasury for the players. We take a small part for development just to make sure we can work on the game, while the biggest slice goes to the players and investors of the game.

The land you can work with
Every farm holds 2500 pieces of land, these small pieces are 1 meter by 1 meter. You can fill these small pieces of land with plots for your crops, animals, decorations, or anything else that will be provided.

If you want to be a top player, you should make sure that you have everything filled with a strategy. As you can only carry X amount before you need to sell, and you do not want to keep running back and forth over your whole farm, loosing precious time. There are items (like the Storage Shed) that need more pieces of land then just 1, having more of these objects will fill you land pretty quickly, so make sure to not overdo it (unless it is your strategy)

One of the fun thing's you can do is visiting other players, and help them watering or fertilizing their crops, feed the animals or just relax together while fishing. It gives you an small benefit when people join your farm, but it also benefits the people that are joining others. Making sure when people need to wait for their crops to grow, they can join someone else and help out on their farm in the meantime.

Fishing is one of the skill's you can do any time, and also on your neighbor's land. This will provide you extra score points, and a little bit of coin.

Fishing on someone else's land will provide the farmer, on the land you are fishing also extra score points and a little bit of coin.

For example:
- You fish on your own land, you get 3 coins for a successful catch, and 10 score points.
- You fish on someone else's land, you get 2 coins for a successful catch, and 8 score points.
- Someone fishes on your land, you get 1 coin for a successful catch by the other person, and 2 score points.
Casual game
Windows, macOS
Farmers Community Team
NFT marketplace
ALPHA 0.0.22
The meaning of the farm.
The Farm is your own piece of land, where only you can place, remove, sell and buy.
Everyone who join's your farm, can interact with you and others on your farm, but cannot change your farm.

It is your choice of how you wanna shape the farm, with the available items you can buy with
in-game currency or with the NFTs you own.

Every farm holds 2500 small squares to be filled with objects, this limit has been set in the alpha stage of the game and is subject to change depending on the needs of and votes of the playing farmers.
We need funds to get the project from the ground, and so we can add liquidity and treasury for players to earn.
The only way at this early stage is to reward the early investors with a NFT that will provide them a first look at the game, and will provide them something extra for when the game is fully released! (We will not spill the beans yet)
All profit gained from the sell of the Little Red Dragons will go into liquidity, creating a stabilized coin at start to.
The game will be in development till at least 2023 before it leaves early access.
Our roadmap now is to have Early Access - Alpha ready near the end of Q2 2022.
And have Early Access - Beta ready near the end of Q3 2023. Yes that is more then a year of developing! We are a small team, when there is enough funds to hire new team members and speed up the process, it will be the first thing we will do!
Every month there will be a highscore list of people that will split $FCT among each other depending on their rank. To gain score in the game, all you have to do is play it. Seed plots, harvest plots, sell harvest and help neighbors. Just like every other farming game, but you help each other and can actually earn money.
This much likely depends on the active players and the amount of treasury. The more MATIC/$FCT liquidity we have the more we can distribute to the community.
Check here to see how $FCT increases in value.
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