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Discover the potential of your assets, in KLAYswap.
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Ozys PTE, Ltd.
What is KLAYswap?
KLAYswap is a decentralized autonomous protocol designed to raise the value of KSP, while automatically distributing KSP yields.The growth of KLAYswap and KSP occurs hand-in-hand, for improvement of the ecosystem through providing benefits for its users.

Low Transaction Fees
Klayswap offers low transaction fees, which are significantly lower than those charged by traditional exchanges. This is because the platform operates on the Klaytn blockchain, which has low transaction fees due to its efficient consensus mechanism. The low fees make it more affordable for users to trade cryptocurrencies and participate in the platform.

Fast Transactions
Klayswap provides fast transaction speeds, which allow users to trade cryptocurrencies quickly and efficiently. The platform utilizes Klaytn's high-performance blockchain technology, which enables fast transaction confirmation times. This is particularly important for users who need to make trades quickly in order to take advantage of market opportunities.

Liquidity Pools
Klayswap utilizes liquidity pools to enable trading between cryptocurrencies. These pools are created by users who deposit their cryptocurrencies into a smart contract, which then enables trading with other cryptocurrencies in the pool. This provides users with a more efficient and cost-effective way to trade cryptocurrencies, as they do not need to rely on a centralized order book or market maker.

User-Friendly Interface
Klayswap has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, even for users new to decentralized exchanges. The platform offers a variety of tools and features, including a dashboard for managing trades and liquidity, real-time market data and analytics, and a portfolio tracker. The platform's interface is also accessible on both desktop and mobile devices, making it convenient for users to manage their holdings on-the-go.

Secure and Trustworthy
Klayswap is built on a secure and trustworthy system that ensures the integrity of its operations. The platform utilizes Klaytn's robust security features, which include encryption, multi-signature authentication, and smart contract auditing. Additionally, the platform's code is open-source, which enables users to audit it and ensure that it operates as intended.
Automated Market Maker
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Ozys PTE, Ltd.
ClaySwap allows holders of various cryptocurrencies to use their assets more efficiently.
A decentralized finance platform on the Klaytn chain designed to create added value.

Klaytn Chain is a blockchain of Ground X, a Kakao Group affiliate.
Kakao’s blockchain wallet, Klip, KLAY, where you can deposit and stake assets.
We are leading the domestic DeFi ecosystem such as Klaystation.

Decentralization allows users to access their blockchain wallet and wallet without signing up for an account through providing personal information.
This means that the user manages all the private keys that authorize deposits and withdrawals of wallet assets and transactions, and does not transfer control over the assets. All financial activities in ClaySwap are recorded on the blockchain on-chain and managed transparently.

Based on this, Klayswap users can not only trade cryptocurrencies, but also invest in various types of cryptocurrencies, such as depositing and staking their own Klaytn, Ripple, Ethereum, and various cryptocurrencies on Binance Smart Chain.
KLAY token is the key cryptocurrency of the Klaytn chain. You can participate in various deposit products using KLAY within KLAYSwap. In particular, KLAY can be deposited and withdrew directly to the Klaytn wallet, making it useful for cryptocurrency exchange and deposit. The ClaySwap Protocol (KSP) token is a governance token that determines important agendas, such as distributing KSP rewards to each liquidity pool in ClaySwap or changing exchange fees. It is distributed as a reward to depositors of the liquidity pool who contributed in the Clayswap ecosystem, and the distributed KSP can be used for trading or additional revenue can be obtained through KSP staking and pool voting.
The fee distributed from the pool where the asset is deposited is automatically accumulated in the pool and included in the number of assets deposited.
It can be withdrawn together with the withdrawal of deposited assets. Clay Swap (KSP) rewards distributed through liquidity supply
You can receive additional revenue distribution by utilizing:
It can be used for depositing clay swap (KSP) pairs. The distributed KLAYSwap (KSP) tokens are deposited back into the pool along with major assets such as KLAY, Ripple (XPR), Ethereum (ETH), and Raptbitcoin (WBTC) to receive KLAYSwap (KSP) rewards. can.

You can participate in ClaySwap (KSP) staking. If the distributed ClaySwap (KSP) tokens are locked up for a certain period of time, additional ClaySwap (KSP) rewards can be distributed according to the contribution to stabilization of the governance token. At this time, staking participants will receive pool voting rights along with rewards. In ClaySwap, the amount of ClaySwap (KSP) to be distributed to each liquidity pool is autonomously determined through voting by users with voting rights.

Participate in pool voting to receive an additional share of the transaction fees generated by the pool. Transaction fees generated by the pool are split 50% between users depositing assets in the pool and users voting in the pool.
In the liquidity pool, two cryptocurrency assets can be deposited in pairs, and the assets can be safely deposited.
The deposited smart contract is called a 'pool' of one asset.
We call a user depositing assets in a smart contract pool a Liquidity Provider (LP). If there is a Ripple+Ethereum pool, anyone in the market can deposit as much Ripple and Ethereum as they want into the pool.

When you deposit, you deposit a quantity of tokens of equal value, based on the current price of each token. If the current prices of Ripple and Ethereum are $2.0 and $4,000, respectively, a user who wants to deposit 100 XRP must deposit 200 USD worth of Ripple (2.0*100) and the same amount of Ethereum, so deposit 0.05 ETH together. You should.
(200/4000) At this time, the price of cryptocurrency is not based on the price of an external exchange, but based on the exchange rate (price) of the two assets deposited in the contract pool in ClaySwap.

Rewards are distributed every second from the point of completing the asset deposit, and the assets deposited in the pool can be withdrawn again at any time if desired.
Since liquidity providers have contributed to providing liquidity, they are rewarded according to their contribution.
If you have deposited assets in the Ripple+Ethereum pool, due to exchanges (transactions) made by someone in the pool
Depending on the fees incurred and the percentage of deposits I occupy in the total liquidity scale of the pool
Receive distribution of ClaySwap (KSP) tokens.
If you are an investor who believes in the long-term growth potential of your cryptocurrency, the liquidity pool is
It can be an effective investment destination. Cryptocurrency stored in an exchange or personal wallet is subject to price fluctuations.
Profits can be expected, but the cryptocurrency deposited in the liquidity pool is accompanied by additional
Because you can get rewards.
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