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Join 1 Million+ Freelancers & Employers on Latium! The World’s Largest #Bitcoin #Freelance Marketplace. Work & Hire In #USD or #Crypto
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Latium Team
What is Latium?
The Latium Freelancing platform provides users with the opportunity to work and hire for cryptocurrency. Freelance workers can place live bids on projects, while also working on Instant Hire microtasks to earn quickly. Employers can post projects, accept bids and manage thousands of freelancers easily and efficiently

Find your Perfect Freelancer in Under 10 Minutes! Start a search, browse and Buy Freelancer Service Packages.

Start Freelancing on Latium today! Browse Jobs For Bid, or register and Post Your Service for employers to purchase.

Zero Fees For Employers
That’s Right! Employers pay ZERO service fees on Latium. Get more work done and reduce business costs on our FEE FREE platform!

Huge Service Inventory
Shop our ever-growing inventory of Freelancer Services to find exactly what you need. Listings are pre-packaged and priced to make it fast and easy to get started. Simply select the Freelancer Gig you want, purchase the package, and the Freelancer will start working on your project.

Crypto & USD Payments
Latium supports payments in USD and 6 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and our own WORK token. Latium is a pioneer in the crypto and blockchain freelancing ecosystem, built to support the future of remote work and the new crypto economy.

Instant Hire Microtasks
Post an Instant Hire micro project with individual contracts as low as $0.10 each. You set the budget and Freelancers will automatically start and complete your task. Hire 1 or 1000’s. View work proofs manually, or set the entire project on autopilot. Great for driving traffic, getting followers, comments, likes, surveys, registrations, app downloads and more.

FaceID Verified Freelancers
You demand trust and transparency, and so Latium has developed a proprietary facial scan technology that ensures verified users are unique and can only have 1 account. This means you can have confidence in your freelancer’s identity, and read reviews you can trust.

Top Rating System
Check every Freelancer’s ratings, reviews, and work history to find the perfect freelancer you can trust. See how many projects your Freelancer has completed, and read feedback from other employers before you start.

Make Residual Income
Unlike many referral programs that pay you a one off commission for a referral, Latium pays you ongoing commissions for all your affiliate’s activity on the site.

Growing Community
Latium has one of the fastest growing communities in the gig space. Join us today and start searching for the freelancer you need.
Service Platform
Windows, macOS
Latium Team
To find the projects you have listed please visit the For Employers section of the Menu and select the Projects I’ve Posted section.
On February 24th, 2021, all LATX tokens in the Latium system were converted to the new WORK token. In order to provide members of the Latium community and token holders the flexibility needed in the growing decentralized space, the Latium team created the WORK token. If you wish to learn more about the transition to the WORK token please check out our Announcement Article
One of the unique features of the Latium Platform is users are able to create projects which allow for Freelancers to begin working immediately, without Employers being burdened with reviewing applications. The Instant Hire projects are vital to the Latium ecosystem. To post an Instant Hire project simply follow the steps below:

1. Visit the Post a Project section of the For Employers page and select the “Hire Multiple Freelancers” option.

2. Select the Hire Multiple Freelancers option

3. You will then be prompted whether you would like to Receive Bids on the project or Hire Instantly. For the purpose of this article we will be selecting the Hire Instantly option.

4. Then you will be prompted to select which category your project falls into and what options you would like to provide

Please see the video walk-through below

Create Multiple Freelancer Projects pt 1

The next steps will be to enter in the project details.

1. Create the title, description, and make sure the category is correct

2. Place a Cover Image that will make your post stand out

3. Add any sections you think you may need to have you job be easily completed by any freelancers. You can add simple text instructions, Photos, Videos, or require Screenshot Proofs.

Once your are happy with your Project Details, click Next. Please see the video walk-through below

Create Multiple Freelancer Projects pt 2

After you enter your Project Details you will then move to your Budget and Settings. All of these settings can be changed at any time

1. Determine the number of Freelancers you wish to hire

2. Determine the Reward you will want to pay each Freelancer who finishes the project

3. Determine the coin or token you wish to use to pay the Freelancer. (We will be using Latium for the purpose of this video)

4. Determine how long you believe it should take a Freelancer to complete the project

5. Determine if you wish to hire only Proof of Human Verified Freelancers

(Advanced Settings are available. Contact Latium Support for questions regarding the advanced settings)

Once you are satisfied with the Budget and Settings select Next

Create Multiple Freelancer Projects pt 3

The Final Step is reviewing your project prior to posting it. If you are satisfied, click Post. Your project will process and soon be listed on the Latium platform for Freelancers to begin working on.
If you are not paid for a project you feel you have completed you have the ability to discuss the issue with the Employer through the chat option provided by Latium.

Arbitration and Mediation options will be available on Latium in the near future.

When bidding and working on projects, please be aware of the Employer payment rate you will see next to their avatar. If an Employer’s payment rate is low, they are more likely to not pay.
If you wish to quit a project you must visit the Projects I’m Working On section. Click into the project you wish to quit and select the Gear Box at the top right of the page. Under that you will see the option to Quit. Click that and you will Quit the project. You will not be able to reopen a project once you quit.
Screenshot Proofs are a feature available for Freelancers to show they have completed the work for the Employer. Some Employers, depending on the type of project they are posting, may require Freelancers to submit proof of completed work before the Freelancer will be paid.

To submit Screenshot Proof simply upload an image on the Contract Page in the area the screenshot is required.
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