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Smart Identity

Smart ID, redefining the way we identify ourselves - the future of digital identity.
What is Smart Identity?
Deloitte’s Smart ID platform is changing the way both individuals and organisations manage their digital identities. Smart ID provides a new, transparent way for individuals, organisations and devices to obtain, verify and share identity credentials with one another. Smart ID by Deloitte UK is a cutting-edge digital identity solution that offers secure and convenient access to online services. It leverages advanced technologies to provide individuals with a trusted and verifiable digital identity, ensuring secure authentication and seamless user experience. Smart ID by Deloitte UK empowers individuals and organizations with a secure and trusted digital identity solution. By leveraging advanced technologies and focusing on user experience, privacy, and compliance, Smart ID offers a reliable and seamless way to authenticate users and access online services with confidence.

Digital Identity Creation
Smart ID enables users to create their digital identity by securely verifying their personal information and documentation. Through a robust onboarding process, individuals can establish a trusted and unique digital identity that can be used across various online platforms and services.

Secure Authentication
Smart ID ensures secure and reliable authentication for users accessing online services. It employs strong multi-factor authentication techniques, including biometrics, one-time passwords, and device recognition, to verify the identity of users. This advanced authentication process enhances security and helps prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information.

Seamless User Experience
Smart ID focuses on delivering a seamless and user-friendly experience. It eliminates the need for repetitive identity verification processes by providing a single digital identity that can be used across multiple platforms. Users can access various services and applications with just a few clicks, saving time and reducing friction in their online interactions.

Privacy and Data Protection
Smart ID prioritizes user privacy and data protection. It adheres to stringent privacy standards and regulations, ensuring that personal information is handled securely and transparently. Users have control over their data and can manage their consent preferences, enhancing trust and confidence in the system.

Trusted Identity Verification
Smart ID incorporates robust identity verification mechanisms to ensure the authenticity and reliability of digital identities. It employs advanced technologies such as biometrics, document verification, and data analysis to verify user identities. This helps prevent identity fraud and ensures that only legitimate individuals gain access to online services.

Interoperability and Integration
Smart ID is designed to be interoperable with existing systems and platforms. It can seamlessly integrate with a wide range of applications, allowing organizations to leverage their existing infrastructure while enhancing security and user experience. The solution can be tailored to meet specific business requirements and integrate with different sectors and industries.

Compliance and Regulatory Support
Smart ID assists organizations in meeting regulatory requirements and compliance standards. It helps ensure adherence to data protection regulations and guidelines, enabling businesses to maintain regulatory compliance while offering secure digital identity services to their customers.

Scalability and Reliability
Smart ID is built to be scalable and reliable, capable of handling large volumes of digital identities and authentication requests. The system is designed to accommodate growth and can handle increased user demand without compromising performance or security.

Audit and Monitoring Capabilities
Smart ID provides comprehensive audit and monitoring capabilities, allowing organizations to track and analyze user activities, authentication events, and system performance. This helps detect and mitigate potential security risks, ensuring a robust and secure digital identity ecosystem.
Windows, macOS
Smart Identity Team
From November 2018, Smart-ID is recognised as a QSCD (Qualified Signature Creation Device). It means that electronic signatures given with Smart-ID have the same legal standing as signatures given by hand (QES level) and are accepted throughout the European Union. Read more about the levels of electronic signatures.

Signing documents with Smart-ID is easy.

First of all: check that your Smart-ID has the right account level by opening User info from your Smart-ID app menu. If it says Smart-ID Qualified Electronic Signature, you are good to go. If it says anything else, you need to upgrade your account level: update the app, delete your existing account and register a new one.

There are several options for signing documents:
Use online signing services: you can use Smart-ID to sign documents with Dokobit, eDoks and Mark Sign signing portals.
Get an app: if you’re an iPhone user, you can download the Dokobit app.
DigiDoc4 software: you can sign or check the validity documents directly in your computer using the latest Estonian ID-software DigiDoc4 Client. Unfortunately there are limitations affecting Latvian and Lithuanian personal codes and as a result, use of DigiDoc4 is available only in business mode.
Try an add-in for your computer: you can sign documents directly in your Microsoft Word with the Dokobit add-in.
Please be aware that electronically signed documents may come in different formats and not all are universally supported. If you have the choice, we recommend you always prefer the asice file format – it’s the standard for all European Union countries (your signed documents will look like this: filename.asice).
The data amount needed for one Smart-ID transaction is really small, on average it about 5kb.
Smart-ID uses two different PIN codes:
PIN1 is used to enter e-services and give access to your accounts – for example your bank account;
PIN2 is needed to digitally sign your actions, like completing a bank transaction or signing a document.
The Smart-ID app is free to download and use.
Smart-ID transactions are paid for by the companies who let you use their e-services for logging in and giving e-signatures.
You can use Smart-ID on all your smart devices – on both smartphones and tablets. For using Smart-ID, you only need a Wifi or mobile internet connection, not data roaming or special SIM cards.
Smart-ID is a new convenient personal identification solution. It is simple, easy to use and a convenient alternative to bank code cards. With Smart-ID, you can log in to e-services and confirm transactions and agreements.
No, Smart-ID app does not support Windows Phone operating systems and there are no plans to do so.

We continue to monitor customer preferences in operating systems and may add support for other operating systems (in addition to iOS and Android) in the future, but there are no current plans for such developments.
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