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What is is powering the next generation of artists and their communities. Artists can launch a listening party for new song releases with a series of limited edition NFTs to capture more value from their art and more closely connect with their fans. Fans can support their favorite artists, inscribe a public comment on the song, and engage with the artist & other fans. is an innovative platform that revolutionizes the music industry by leveraging blockchain technology and decentralized solutions. It aims to create a fair, transparent, and inclusive ecosystem for musicians, creators, and fans. provides a platform where artists can release their music, connect with their audience, and receive fair compensation, while fans can discover new music and actively participate in supporting their favorite artists.

Decentralized Music Distribution offers a decentralized music distribution platform that removes the need for intermediaries and puts artists in direct control of their music. Artists can release their music on the platform, reaching a global audience without the restrictions of traditional music distribution channels. This decentralized approach ensures artists have greater autonomy, transparency, and a fairer revenue distribution model.

Fan Engagement and Participation fosters fan engagement and participation by allowing fans to actively support their favorite artists. Fans can purchase and own unique digital collectibles associated with the music they love, such as limited edition album artwork or concert tickets. This enables fans to have a deeper connection with the music and directly contribute to the success of their favorite artists.

Fair Compensation and Royalty Distribution utilizes blockchain technology to ensure fair compensation and transparent royalty distribution for artists. Smart contracts automatically track and distribute royalties to artists based on predetermined rules, eliminating the need for complex intermediaries. This allows artists to receive timely and accurate payments, enhancing financial sustainability in the music industry.

Collaborative Opportunities creates opportunities for collaboration among artists and creators. Artists can connect with other musicians, producers, and creators on the platform, fostering collaborations and the creation of unique musical projects. By facilitating a collaborative environment, encourages innovation, cross-genre experimentation, and the development of new musical experiences.

Music Discovery and Curation provides a platform for music discovery and curation, allowing users to explore a diverse range of music across genres. Through personalized recommendations and curated playlists, users can discover new artists and tracks that align with their musical preferences. This creates opportunities for emerging artists to gain exposure and connect with a broader audience.

Immutable Copyright Protection utilizes blockchain technology to establish immutable copyright protection for artists' music. By registering their music on the blockchain, artists can prove ownership and protect their intellectual property rights. This helps prevent unauthorized use, piracy, and plagiarism, ensuring that artists have control and recognition for their creative works.

Decentralized Governance operates under a decentralized governance model, allowing participants within the ecosystem to have a say in platform decisions and improvements. Token holders can propose and vote on changes, ensuring that the platform evolves in a community-driven manner. This decentralized governance fosters transparency, inclusivity, and collective decision-making.
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Sound Swap is a new feature that allows you to one-click collect and sell editions of your favorite songs.

For drops with Sound Swap, you can now mint editions at any time – even after the primary sale ends. As new editions are collected after the primary sale, funds are stored in a liquidity pool. As the pool grows, you can instantly sell your editions at the current market price.

Sound Swap automatically determines the price based on how many editions have been collected, serving as a price discovery mechanism between supply and demand.
First, you’ll need to connect your 🌐 Ethereum | Wallet via MetaMask or WalletConnect.

Releases on Sound are structured as a listening party so that everyone can experience the track together before purchasing the token.

Once the song ends, you can enter the queue to purchase the NFT by clicking the “Ape” button. If you’re let into the queue, you will have 45 seconds to confirm your transaction in your wallet (if you don’t authorize the transaction within that time frame you will need to reenter the queue). If all editions are sold out while you are in the queue, you will see a “sold out” message.

After purchasing the NFT, you can make a public comment on the song at a timestamp of your choice (you’ll have to authorize again in your wallet but there is no gas fee to leave a comment).
After supporting an artist by purchasing one of their NFTs, you have the ability to make a public comment on the song that proves you were an early supporter. If you sell the NFT, your comment is replaceable by the new owner. Holding an NFT also gives you early access to listen to new music from that artist as soon as they upload. Aside from the comment feature and early listening access, Sound also offers holders access to gated Discord channels.

Artists that release on Sound can also include additional rewards for their collectors, which can be found on their respective collection page on For these rewards, the responsibility falls on the artist to deliver.

If you have reached out to the artist and they haven't responded within a reasonable amount of time, please reach out to us so we can help connect you two.
We suggest using MetaMask or Rainbow
n Season 2, we launched Collector Presales to give collectors advanced access when artists release new music on Sound (at their discretion).

In Season 4, we launched Custom Allowlists which allow the artists to better customize who gets presale access. To see if you have presale access, navigate to the respective song page and select 'View eligibility'. The artist has discretion over the number of editions that are reserved for existing collectors.
By default each wallet can purchase up to 3 NFTs during the public sale. Qualifying collectors will be able to mint 1 NFT during the presale and 1 NFT during the free sale.
The most likely option is that the drop sold out before your transaction was confirmed.

After being admitted from the queue and initiating your transaction, we wait 45 seconds for a transaction confirmation before admitting another user from the queue (in order to prevent low gas settings or slow transactions from blocking other buyers). If the drop sells out before your transaction is confirmed, your transaction will fail.

We recommend that you avoid lowering your gas settings to ensure that your transaction completes within the 45 second window.
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