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What is StarSharks?
StarSharks is a NFT-GameFi ecosystem based on the BNB chain developed by game players, governance committees, and game developers. The game integrates different types of games and breaks down barriers found between games by allowing players to use the same character to enter the Shark-metaverse. It enables players come together to build and govern a new metaverse and create a community culture in the Shark-metaverse.

Game Strategy: Battle System and Card Mechanics
Shark Card
Each shark has skills that come from four of its body parts ( head, mouth, dorsal fin, and tail fin) two skill cards can be used per round.
Battle phase
Both players will be given 6 random cards initially and 3 random cards at the beginning of each round. Once both players click the “fight” button, the battle will start immediately without waiting for the countdown.
Card shield points will be applied immediately once the round starts.
Buffs and debuffs will be applied once the sharks cast their skill cards or combo cards.
Speed buff bonuses that affect the order of strike will be applied in the next round.
Sharks will attack the closest targets with the exception of those skill cards that can attack the back row directly. (Note: Please use the attack indicators.)
After 10 rounds you will experience system-generated damage per round. At the 11th round, a deduction of 80HP, at the 12th round a deduction of 160HP, the next rounds can be deduced through analogy. This is done to speed up the end of the game.
It is considered a draw when all of the sharks on both sides get knocked out in the same round.
Extra damage = card damage * skill/500.

Save Energy: Most of the skill cards, in addition to damage, come with a certain level of the shield. If an attack is made in every turn on your opponent’s shield, it will be almost impossible to kill your opponent’s shark. A turn can be let go by not making use of but saving energy and skill cards to use combined in the next turn which will make it easier to destroy your opponent.
Attacking the back-line: As mentioned earlier, front-line sharks are most likely to have high HP and your opponent may be making use of this strategy. A surprise attack can be made on your opponent’s flank using special skill cards thereby lowering your opponent’s power and then moving on to easily defeat the front line.
Focused Attack: Do not attack a different shark in every round, it is important to have a main shark to focus your attack on.
Foresight: This requires a high degree of speculation, to predict which shark your opponent will attack in the next turn and make a corresponding defense to protect your Shark from getting killed.
Turn-based strategy (TBS)
NFT marketplace
StarSharks Marketplace
A shark is a digital NFT found in the StarSharks metaverse which can be battled, raised, and synthesized. Every shark has abilities that determine how they perform in battle.

STATS: Each shark is defined by four parameters: Health (the maximum health), speed (affecting the order of strike and critical resistance), skills (affecting bonus damage from combo attack), and morale (affecting critical hit ratio and odds of triggering near-death and number of near-deaths triggered).

BODY PARTS: The sharks in the game have six body parts, each fitted with a component, and the body parts are the head, mouth, dorsal, tail, ventral, and neck.

GENES: Each body part is controlled by a set of genes, which are composed of one dominant gene (affecting the shark’s attributes) and two recessive genes (which can become dominant during the synthesis of Sharks.)
If you aim to engage in combat to get (SEA), you first need to have a minimum of three sharks. Sharks can be obtained by opening up a mystery box, buying or renting sharks on the marketplace. The following shares with you how to determine the rarity of the shark gotten out of a mystery box and how to buy sharks.
First of all, we need to understand the main attributes and abilities of Sharks. Let’s also take a look at the types of Sharks in terms of race, dominant ability and auxiliary ability. On analysis of the races and abilities of the sharks, we can form a strategy for combining sharks.

Firstly, the front-line role should have a high health value and the ability to absorb damage. Tiger shark and Whale shark are good choices for this position.

The other two positions can be Godzilla shark and Rock Shark as they have the ability to deal high damage. Crocodile Shark and Coryx Shark have the speed and will give you the ability to take the lead in battle; they give the advantage in battle, this is the reason why these particular sharks are most valuable.
After settling on the battle positioning you want, it’s time to talk about how to pick a shark.

A shark is a combination of six body parts, these 6 parts belong to races, each part will add different stats to the shark depending on the race of the part. Refer to the “racial advantages” table above.

For example, how can one know which Tiger Shark is stronger and has good HP? Naturally, Tiger Sharks have high health with 6 parts that belong to the tiger shark race to improve health. These make the Tiger Shark indestructible. This rule also applies to other sharks; try to pick a shark and parts which belong to its race.

There are many parts that are under the same race. Now, we will focus on skills. Four out of the six parts of the shark come with skills namely the head, mouth, dorsal fin, and tail fin.

If all sharks end up belonging to the same race, try to make sure the front-line shark has access to high shield and recovery skills. The back row sharks with high morale need to have high damage skills and the high-speed sharks need to have first strike skills.

By the way, the skills carried by parts of the same race as the body can deal an extra 10% damage and 10% protection. You can see how useful it is to choose a purebred shark.
1. Upgrading Sharks

You can use the “upgrade your shark” function on the StarSharks platform and then consume some $SEA and $SSS to synthesize two sharks of the same star level into a higher-level star shark. Of course, as the star level increases, the $SEA and $SSS consumed will also increase. The higher the star level, the higher the attributes of the shark, and the higher the damage and shield dealt by the skill card.

When the star level is high enough, you will be “almost” invincible.

It should be noted that after synthesizing the offspring shark (new shark), both the body and its 6 parts will be obtained randomly from its two parents with a small chance of mutation. That is, with two purebred sharks of the same race, the high-level star shark obtained by star raising is likely to be a purebred shark as well.

2. Bonus Buff

This bonus buff increases the damage and shields of all your shark skill cards, and the more sharks in your backpack and the higher the star rating, the higher the bonus buff you can get up to 30%. This is not a value that can be ignored.

3. Skins

Skins can be collectively worn by sharks of the same race and wearing them increases the attributes of the sharks.

In addition to the value brought by the skin, skins provide high attributes and the attributes of SSR are equivalent to a one-star level. Since the current season is limited to a maximum of 6 stars, if you can wear more skins than your opponents, your win rate will have a dramatic increase which will help you attain a higher rank and have seasonal rewards in your grasp.

It is possible to get three-star sharks from the first round sales of genesis mystery boxes of which on the Binance NFT platform, this will give you a high advantage in the early days of the game.
SSS Introduction SSS is the StarSharks governance token; 100 million in total.

SSS Allocation Plan and SSS Vesting Schedule

Angel Financing: 5% of the total supply, First release in 4-month after first IDO, The remaining parts will be released quarterly in the next 11 quarters;
Private Round: 9% of the total supply, First release in 3-month after first IDO, The remaining parts will be released second-by-second in the next 11 quarters;
IDO: 1% of the total supply, all to be unlocked after IDO;
Team: 15% of the total supply, to be unlocked over a total of 4 years: 5% of it is to be unlocked 6 months after IDO, another 5% will be unlocked 6 months after the initial unlocking, and 15% to be unlocked every half a year in the next three years;
Liquidity Pool: 1% of the total supply, not locked up;
Marketing Fund: 3% of the total supply, not locked up and to be released according to market operation plans;
Collect to Earn : 61% of the total supply, not locked up and to be in full circulation over ten years;
Company Reserve: 5% of the total supply, not locked up;
The stable “releasing-staking-recycling“ system for SSS value stability

While constantly releasing SSS tokens to the market, we strive to ensure their long-term value. This is why we determine the release quantity of SSS tokens with algorithms based on the platform's monthly revenue and floats within the set range.

SSS release quantity reschedule: The release quantity is adjusted annually, with up to 780,000 tokens released per month in the first year. After which the release quantity will be reduced with a decay coefficient of (9% + n%) starting from the second year. According to the mathematical model, the annual release quantity will be up to 5,484,900 in the fifth year, and the annual release quantity shall be maintained at 2,158,900 in the tenth year
Recovery Ratio: According to the model, the platform only needs to maintain the recovery ratio (i.e., SSS consumed in the year / SSS released in the year) at 20% to maintain a robust operation.
Bonus pool return quantity: SSS will be consumed in the game, of which 60% of the consumed part will be returned to the bonus pool (the return ratio of the bonus pool is 60%) calculated with a recovery ratio of 20%, and the annual return quantity =the release quantity of the year * recovery ratio * return ratio
Incentive pool remaining: The current total bonus pool - the number of current year releases + the number of current year bonus pool returned
Collect to Earn: We have designed a stable mechanism of SSS “release-stake-withdraw”, the only way for players to obtain SSS tokens in games. This mechanism ensures that the value of SSS tokens is preserved through a long period of time and the token can be released continuously. The quantity to be released depends on the monthly revenue of the platform and floats within the set range with the specific quantity determined by given algorithms.
SEA Introduction

SEA token is the in-game currency. The max supply of SEA is 200,000,000, and the balance between its production and consumption is the prerequisite to the design of all the games on the platform as its stability is the cornerstone of the whole platform.

SEA Issuance

The initial 10 million SEA tokens issued by the platform and is used to provide liquidity for the SEA-BNB trading pair on Pancakeswap.
The only way for SEA issuance after the initial mint is from the game.
Players can earn SEA by winning battles in Arena Mode; Earning of each winning battle will be determined by the production coefficient, your ranking point coefficient and the remaining SEA in the reward pool. More details are as follows:
SEA Reward Pool: 200,000,000 — number of SEA burned — unclaimed SEA — existing SEA
Production Coefficient: 200,000,000 / All existing sharks in SEA (if the SEA in the reward pool is less than 50,000,000, the production coefficient will be halved and it will be halved again whenever the SEA in reward pool halves again. It means that if the SEA in the reward pool is less than 25,000,000, the production coefficient will be quartered, and so on.)
Ranking Point Coefficient:
Earning Per Battle: Production Coefficient * Ranking Point Coefficient
SEA Stability The production: Production-to-consumption ratio will be 0.84 in the first one to two months and capped at 1.40 even under extreme user growth scenarios, which is still within the range that does not require any intervention and basically maintains stability.

Theoretically, each player needs to have three Sharks to play a game. The only way to obtain Sharks is to purchase Mystery boxes from the official Marketplace. The platform will only keep a very small percentage of the income as a handling fee.
It costs players a huge number of SEA tokens to raise SHARKS, and the SEA tokens that the platform receives from this channel will be burned.
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