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XY Finance

Full Cross-Chain Aggregator Enabling Smart Routing
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Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, Cronos ...
Xy Finance Team
What is XY Finance?
XY Finance is One Stop Cross-Chain Aggregator for DeFi and Metaverse. Our mission is to facilitate the seamless and secure transfer of on-chain assets, including tokens, NFTs, and more, across all blockchains. The protocol has built a one-click swap aggregator with the highest interoperability that allows crypto users to trade all on-chain assets. At present, XY Finance has supported ten chains, including Ethereum, BSC, Fantom, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, Avalanche C-Chain, Cronos, KCC, ThunderCore, Astar, and Moonriver.

XY Finance at a Glance
XY Finance Ecosystem incorporates products (X Swap & Y Pool) to do with Web3, DeFi and GameFi, with XY Token ($XY as the ticker) being the heart of XY DAO and the protocol itself. XY is a community-driven platform established to solve what might be called the “liquidity problem,” ensuring that users are benefited from the best routes and liquidity providers are incentivized with $XY to stack yields steadily. Meanwhile, we are giving utility and functionality to $XY through multiple inventive ways and strategic partnerships.
As a cross-chain interoperability protocol that aggregates not only DEXs but also bridges, we help route your assets of various types, with the best rate possible and the top speed & security. Regardless of split or batch transactions, XY Finance helps strike the best bargains with minimized rates. Plus, cross-chain transfer & every transaction step will be carried out in an instant, faster than that of our competitors in the industry. While most have this sneaking suspicion that the platform's safety might be sacrificed due to our pursuit of transaction speed, they're mistaken. Our devs have tapped effortlessly into some mechanisms to ensure the security of your funds.
XY Finance connects every chain, swaps every asset, and serves every user here and there. With the ultimate routing across multi-chains, borderless and seamless swapping is simply several clicks away.

To achieve the most convenient and fastest cross-chain swap process, XY Finance introduces X Swap and Y Pool. While X swap, as a decentralized non-custodial interoperability solution, communicates and connects different chains, providing a convenient interface for users to transfer a wide range of tokens to different blockchains and L2 roll-ups, Y pool maintains an efficient cross-chain liquidity pool as a pillar of X swap.
With these two prominent mechanisms as the infrastructure for our XY ecosystem, we are thus able to create more opportunities for this cross-chain network to extend further and further non-stop. User experience-wise, XY Finance is friendly and intuitive for individuals and institutions alike that intend to transfer their assets to other chains and cash in on their capital as liquidity to obtain high yield return.

XY Assets Bridge
XY Assets Bridge is custom-made, route-independent, and designed to channel your assets straight into target chains without wrapping them twice.
XY Finance's asset cross-chian protocol XY Assets Bridge assists project owner / token owner to bridge tokens with contract authority to multi-chain painlessly and smoothly. In addition, XY Assets Bridge also provide solution for project owner who deploy tokens on multiple chains through our asset cross-chain protocol. bridge the mutual liquidity of tokens on each chain, holders of the token could quickly and safely wrap their assets on each chain.
Automated Market Maker
Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, Cronos
Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, Cronos
Windows, macOS
Xy Finance Team
NFT marketplace
Version 1
In our initial announcement, we introduced the concept of the BLBP as an innovative mechanism that allows projects like XY Finance to raise funds fairly. Reducing participation risk for our community members and removing flaws as well as hassles of individual caps, whitelisting, and bots.

To ensure all XYers can participate in the BLBP, we want to provide a clear, concise understanding of the process so you can make an informed decision about when, how and what to invest.
From day one, our community has been vital to XY Finance’s success. We have an incredible army of supporters, which is why when it came to deciding on how to bring $XY Token to life, we felt that there was only one fair way: the Balancer Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (BLBP).

XY Finance is committed to being a decentralized, community-first project, and this can only be achieved through the widespread distribution of our native tokens. After putting much thought into our initial launch, we hope to prevent volatile price fluctuations if only a small number of participants are in the market. There are dozens of options available in terms of launchpads, staking pools, and more, however, there isn’t a more community-focused way of making it work for everyone. Alternative IDO methods may result in fighting for a tiny allocation, competing with each other, spending thousands of dollars in gas fees, or risking high volatility due to holding IDO/Launchpad tokens. What’s worse, you may have to meet the whitelisting criteria just to receive a tiny allocation while bots and gas wars ruin the fun for everyone.

With the help of BLBP, all XYers can participate in our IDO and choose to invest in big or small amount! Without bots and scripts, the price of $XY Tokens will reflect genuinely across the 72-hour period after the pool’s opened.
To be honest, we can’t predict the exact outcome of the BLBP. By raising funds via BLBP, we let the market and our supporters decide what the eventual token price will be and how much we will raise; eliminating any manipulation and ensuring transparency throughout the launch.

To understand a BLBP, it’s important to know what would happen to the token price if no one performed a swap to buy $XY Tokens. In the image below, you can see what happens when there isn’t a single transaction over the 72-hour duration of the pool. In this case, the price of the $XY Tokens would slowly decrease to the final possible value.
We have proposed putting 8% of all $XY Tokens into the BLBP. This translates into 8 million $XY Tokens since the total supply is 100 million tokens. As for the unsold $XY Tokens, we will allocate them to liquidity funds.
You can participate by accessing our BLBP page directly on the page set by Copper Launch or directly on Balancer.
To participate in the BLBP, you must connect a Web3-enabled cryptocurrency wallet to Balancer. Balancer currently supports MetaMask, WalletConnect, Portis, Coinbase Wallet, and Fortmatic.
Once you have set up your wallet, you will need to prepare (1) ETH for gas costs and (2) USDC/ETH/DAI to exchange for $XY Tokens.
This is completely up to you. We can’t advise on how much, when, or in what way you should be investing. Please note that the price will gradually decrease when no buys occur, but it could also be the case that a large volume of buy orders causes the price to quickly increase.
There is no minimum — you choose how much you want to buy at the prevailing price. However, Ethereum transaction fees are fairly high right now, so expect to spend anywhere between $25 and $200 per transaction. Fees depend on how congested the network is and varies hour-to-hour.

The fee is the same regardless of how much you want to buy. This fee does not go to XY Finance or Copper; it is used to pay the Ethereum network validators who verify all transactions and make the Ethereum network run smoothly.
No, there will be no lockup for XY bought in the BLBP and they will be freely tradable immediately.
Only tokens purchased in the BLBP will be in circulation initially. Specifically, the team and private fundraising tokens have a 2 to 3-year vesting schedule with a 4 to 10-month cliff period. The team is building this protocol and community for the long term.
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